IMPLEMENTED: Structure panel auto scroll to element offset

This might seem trivial, but is there a way to change the offset scroll when clicking on an element in the structure panel? I’ve noticed when I click on an element to bring it to focus into the editor window, it scrolls it all the way to the top and I find myself having to scroll down a little bit to get it center view. Seems that it would be more efficient to be able to define the scroll offset when clicking on the structure panel element to scroll the window to what works best for the end user. Myself, I like to see the surrounding elements and have it as centered in my screen as much as possible. 1 reason being that sometimes, the changes I’m making affect other elements on the page which might be above the element.

Thanks for consideration.


And an option to turn it off. I am not a fan of the autoscroll.


Yea, that would be good as well. Just the ability to manipulate the UI to some extent is a win. I would hope/think this would be an easy addition. :slight_smile:

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Fully agree to both suggestions!

Hi there.

Is this something that has been already submitted to the idea board? Can´t find it.

I´m really shocked how long this has been ‘ignored’ by the devs - maybe they work different. But for me as a structure panel fan it´s a total pain to click and scroll again and again. :persevere: :sob: :slight_smile: And it even worse with a sticky header!

Did some Updates in an Elementor project today - and that feels nice and smooth for the eyes.

Let´s push this - guys!

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I would also like to confirm that “scroll into view” desperately needs an offset.

In fact, the feature “Expand active element & scroll into view” needs to be decoupled all together. "Expand active element " is brilliant and works great but “scroll into view” is quite annoying without any way to control the offset.

Maybe it’s just me but I like to see and work on the active element when it’s in the middle of the screen, not at the very top.

EDIT: Also I just noticed that in v1.6 disabling “Expand active element & scroll into view” only disables the expand active element, not scroll into view. At this point I wish it was other way around.

Another EDIT: I’m not here to tell devs how to do their work but if they are using scrollIntoView() then it probably wound mean changing one word: from scrollIntoViewOptions: {block: “start”} to scrollIntoViewOptions: {block: “center”}.
Of course, I’m sorry if I’m oversimplifying this issue.

I had placed a submission on the idea board, but it isn’t there yet, so its either not being reviewed, or isn’t being considered(which would be a shame).

My only guess for this is: this issue might not annoy enough people. For me personally it really is super annoying.


Best way i think would be to check if the item is already on screen somewhere and only scroll into view if it is not.

For now I do this by hand by editing the iframe.min.js bricks file by setting an offset of 80px on this line getBoundingClientRect().top it is annoying to redo the change on every update and every website I am working on :frowning:

Screen Shot 2023-04-30 at 16.26.07

I am thinking to provide a new Bricks setting like the following that allows you to set a custom value for the “Auto scroll element into view” or to disable it by setting the input value to off:

Setting it to 50% would center the active element on the canvas.

You can also provide px values like 100px.

What do you think?


This would solve my request. :+1:

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Yes!!! Love it. Thanks @thomas

Yes!! This would be awesome!

Yes please!! :slight_smile: Thank you Thomas!

Hi guys,

We’ve added this improvement in Bricks 1.8 beta 2, now available as a manual download in your account.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues.

As with any beta release, please do not use it on any production/live website. It is only meant for testing in a local/staging environment.

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@timmse So far, looks good! Good Stuff.