[IMPLEMENTED] Progress bar - Dynamic value support

Hey there,

Is it possible to use meta_values for the data used by a progress bar?

Currently I can only use static data but I need to use dynamic data in a progress bar.

Thanks you!


This is how this is implemented in another page builder…

Screenshot 2022-07-25 18.38.28

Is that X / Cornerstone builder?

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Hey @embark. Only the Label control supports dynamic data at this time.

Yes please … All elements of progress bar should have dynamic content. For scalable sites it’s extremely important to have as many dynamic content features as possible.


It is!

The way they handle dynamic data (and conditions) is fantastic imo!

I thought as much! I would definitely request this as a feature request.

It would prevent me from using Bricks for some sites.


Jut for anyone interested, this appears to have been implemented. As far as I can see dynamic data is available using a custom fields plugin to show the % of progress in the progress bar.

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Yep, the progress bar “Label” & “Percentage” settings both support dynamic data since Bricks 1.6 (https://bricksbuilder.io/changelog/#6498)


It would be great to be able to use the progress bar as a range display (as here: How to add Range Slider in Bricks Builder Forms - Piotnet Bricks). Is something like this planned to be implemented?