IMPLEMENTED: Hoping for integration with ACPT (

ACPT ( is a Meta-Box/ACF/JetEngine competitor. They’re very interested in working with the Bricks team to achieve deep integration. They’re currently providing an opportunity via AppSumo ( to buy LTD in at old-skool ACF/MetaBox prices. It would be a great chance for many of us who missed the boat to jump on with CPTs.
I’ve spoken with the dev and he’s super keen on working with the Bricks Team.


ACF/MetaBox is now available at a prohibitive price.
I will choose to buy ACPT and hope Bricks will be integrated soon.


Has this been added to the Ideas board for voting? I’m interested in this if they can get integration with Bricks but not sure it will be implemented as there are already integrations with the main 3 competitors and there already seems to be a lot on the ideas board and roadmap for the Bricsk team to work through.

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It seems like all that needs to be done for it to work is a PHP providers file dedicated to fields in this plugin. I guess someone (maybe even the author of Acpt) could write it and send to Bricks team for verification.

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Yes but honestly how many integrations do we need. There is always a new cpt and custom fields plugin coming every now and then. Bricks already support the major ones - ACF, Metabox, Jetengine, Pods, CMB2 and there is one more which’s name I don’t remmeber now.

There is also dynamic php return function to get anything outputted into the fields. Why do we need a plugin to create cpt? That can be done by putting few lines of code in the child theme functions.php file.

Plugin author should get a copy of Bricks from the team and write the providers file as you said. I am pretty sure it won’t take him much time and Bricks team can focus on working on the other features.

Moreover, I’ll personally avoid any plugin using freemius for license verification. It’s too privacy invasive.


Looked at it , but I also agree … Freemius … is a no go for many. Including me.


It would be very interesting to have this additional option.

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No harm asking for extra integrations after all making building websites easier is the whole point isn’t it? We don’t all want to code.

Been playing with ACPT but it has issues. Doesn’t work at all on my local sites - some sort of collation issue.
As already mentioned, it uses Freemius so also a definite no go for me. Shame as the appsumo offer is quite appealing.

Hi guys! I am the author of ACPT.

First of all, thank you to all of you for your support.

Of course, ACPT is far to be perfect, but I am working hard to improve it, day by day. And collecting feedbacks is crucial in this phase for me.

I’ll certainly do what @Matiasko suggested to me (maybe I’ll try to reach out Bricks team).

About Freemius…I am so sorry, I didn’t ever figure out that so many users have issues with them. On my end, I can say they are super nice to me. But customers are always right, so I think I should think about alternatives.

@alanj so sorry for the collation problem, I’ll try to replicate the bug on my end

Thank you to all of you, if you have some questions or issues, feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend



I am not going to buy either if you are in freemius, if you decide to give an alternative you will have my support.

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It seems a lot of buyers DO NOT want freemius. While I don’t care if you are freemius or not if you don’t have the support of a community then your product will suffer and I am assuming we would get the email saying…hey we are closing shop months down the road.

For this reason I am out…but if you change your mind of freemius then I would certainly “buy now”.

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Yes, you should, as I’ve told you on AS deal page. Freemius is good to you because you are their customers(also a fortune maker for them as you bring them money on every sale you made on your site). But, at some points, they are not doing well. That’s why many users do not like them.


Just an update - The dev has now changed their roadmap platform, and both Bricks inbtegration and migration away from Freemius is included

Go do the upvoting thing if you like clicking up arrows.


Sadly he uses LoopedIn as his roadmap platform. It is not good for idea discussion. If it was me, I’d switch to Frill or the same roadmap as Bricks uses.

One step at a time… He’s already committed to migrating his licencing process and integrating with our favourite builder. This new roadmap is a billion times better than what was there before.
Honestly I’ve been rather surprised at the calibre of replies to his efforts and product so far… For a 1 man band, his response time has been nearly Brickslike.

Another update: According to the roadmap, Bricks integegration is scheduled for late October / early November.
At $87 for unlimited it’s worth a punt, and the dev has all the successes and failures of ACF and MetaBox to build upon.
I’m already sorted with JetEngine lifetime, but I’ve got good feelings about ACPT. Some very dev-friendly features already implemented, and more inbound.


I am VERY tempted to buy in!
My concern is that it is a ONE man dev team. That is a huge risk on sustainability. Any inputs on this to counter any risk as mentioned?
Maybe @mauretto78 wants to give input?

@AndreGroenewald I’ve had similar thoughts over the course of my explorations of the plugin… But then I’m reminded that Bricks is a 2 man team, as is, and Oxygen. It’s a risk, for sure (that’s AppSumo I guess), but my own personal comms with @mauretto78 have shown plenty of commitment/excitement for his own product. At this price, and with a 60 day refund window you’ve a fair chance to make your mind up at minimal risk.


Hi Guys!

I would like to give you an update :slight_smile:

1) Migration from Freemius

I’ll work on it from today, and as I said before I am planning to move to EDD. At the moment there are almost 100 codes left on AS, so I don’t know if I have to wait until the end of the deal (I think I have to talk to AS sales team). In any case, don’t worry, I’ll re-run a second AS deal for the users with issues with Freemius after the migrations to EDD.

2) Integration with Bricks

Unfortunately, Thomas (from the Bricks team) told me that they do not have planned to integrate any other dynamic content plugin at the moment.

But he provided me a free license for Bricks1.5 in order to develop some custom Bricks Elements on my end following the official documentation (Create Your Own Elements – Bricks Academy).

So I’ll try to do my best to create useful elements, I’ll start work on it after the official Divi integration is released (creating Divi elements is similar to Bricks, so I guess it will be really useful for me).

3) "One man show"

I understand the concern of @AndreGroenewald , he is absolutely right. I don’t know actually the future of this project, but I am receiving a lot of good feedback from the customers and I am absolutely committed to spending my energies to grow it every day.

So, ideally, if everything goes as I hope, I’d like to onboard new devs/collaborators in the future to grow up the company.

A special thank to @mikeanywhere , no other words to say, thank you for trusting this project :pray::pray:



Just so you know, you can probably add proper support to bricks on your own with some minimal effort. Look inside the bricks zip for “includes/dynamic-data/providers” and inspect the provider files for inspiration.

I’d say all you really need to do is join the namespace “Bricks\Integrations\Dynamic_Data\Providers” and then extend the base with your own provider-acpt.php file with something like this:

namespace Bricks\Integrations\Dynamic_Data\Providers;

if ( ! defined( 'ABSPATH' ) ) exit; // Exit if accessed directly

class Provider_Acpt extends Base {

    public static function load_me() {
		return class_exists( 'ACPT' );

    // Other methods here

And then you can require and register it from somewhere with something like this:

add_action( 'init', function() {
    require_once __DIR__ . '/provider-acpt.php';

    Bricks\Integrations\Dynamic_Data\Providers::register( [ 'acpt' ] );

P.S. Maybe I’m oversimplifying things though. :man_shrugging: