IMPLEMENTED: Add Dynamic Data Picker to RAW Colour value

Hello Chaps,

Firstly not sure if it’s possible to do this currently and I am just being thick or if it is a feature improvement request

But I don’t think there is the option to add custom fields to select colours? Either in typography/BG/Gradients etc.

Also, the ability use dynamic data to select the location & angle too.

Please see examples from Elementor below in terms of understanding:




I support this! Or also asking me if I miss something in the UI?! Working on a page that have a project section where every project has a different little color theme. Background, Headlines, Texts, etc.

It should be possible to use a dynamic color field / setting (from Meta Box, etc.) for this.

Totally agree! I was going to request this myself.

To add to this, I’d love to attach a colour (ACF) to a category and then use that for the categories BG colour

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Hey @Deanphillips @shenom,

Not sure if you are in the FB group but @Cracka replied to a post regards to it. Good solution until it could be implemented.

I do not use FB all that much so dont know how to share a post haha. But here is the screenshot:


Hi Michael.

Very kind - thank You! :slight_smile:

I saw it and already using this way successful. Hopefully ‘the makers’ still listen and see this way only as a temporary solution. :wink:

Not working for me in 1.4 beta

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@Michael: You can use dynamic data in colors after 1.5 beta. You have to enter your dynamic field in the area where you enter css variable. (RAW)

Though a clear dynamic selector icon will feel more native.

@thomas May be now the feature is there intentionally or unintentionally - can a clear dynamic insert be added for colors like we have for other fields which support dynamic data?


Yes, this would be really nice!

Awesome @omega, thanks mate :+1:

Dynamic data tags added to the RAW input field of a colour should be parsed and displayed on the frontend since 1.5 beta.

As the builder style generator currently doesn’t parse dynamic data, we intentionally haven’t added the DD “bolt” icon to the RAW input field as the feature isn’t working in the builder yet.

We are working on adding the DD tag picker to the RAW colour. I’ll update this post and let you know once it’s been added to Bricks.


great news … thank you!

Excellent Thomas. Waiting…

Thanks for the insight Thomas,

I think it would be beneficial to include it in the color picker as I originally mentioned and @omega highlighted too.

I think the RAW application could be considered as an advanced feature which would alienate your traditional recreational Elementor type user, and similar to the discussion you had on FB within the 1.5RC update about having a balanced UI (instead of pro & simple UI) it would provide both an advanced (RAW) variation and a simple (added to the color picker) variation :slight_smile:

@Michael I have never posted or commented anything yet in the FB group. So not sure which discussion on fb you are talking about.

Hey @omega I did not say you. The only thing I referred to you about was the comment you made in this thread which I quoted underneath.

Just an FYI, There was a post on FB that Thomas had a discussion with a member regards to UI. I am sure when he reads my comment above he will understand what I am referring to.

Hey Thomas, I couldn’t get this to work

Is what i’ve used, I’ve also tried {je_category_category-background-colour} which is the direct output tha the dynamic data outputs when you select it elsehwere. Am I doing it wrong?

The var doesn’t seem to be picking up the colour, which is set like this -

custom fields added via Jet Engine, I’ve also tried with ACF.

I tried the attributes approach too, but that didn’t seem to work either

Hello everyone!

Any official solution to this?

Hey Joel,

what exatly are you looking for? You should be able to use dynamic data in the color picker in the meantime.

CleanShot 2023-07-19 at 08.18.57@2x



Thank you for this thread and sorry, its not clear to me what the status is here.

My site has an admin dashboard powered by Settings page. I’d like to extend it by including a set of 1-2 color palettes (say, as color picker fields) on the Metabox Settings page - such that a user can select color combinations to suit their brand needs.

Is this doable using dynamic data inside Bricks Builder at this time?

Kind regards,