IMPLEMENTED: About Infinite Scrolls

Can you give us an extra switch?
For example.

  1. click to load more.
  2. showing an alert icon that it is loading.

Sometimes when the network speed is lagging, it will seem that the page is not too optimized, thinking that there is no more content, and after 2 seconds it pops up some more.


Hello @Gala

Thank you for your report. I moved this post to #feature-requests as it is not a bug.

About your feature requests:

We are already working on the “load more” button solution

I’ve added this request to our development queue. In the initial versions of the infinite scroll, we had a hidden element that could be used to bind a loading animation, but it was causing problems with the different query loop layouts.



Could You give me little sneak of how far the progress bar for the ‘Load More’ button solution has grown since the 4th of august? :wink:

Is this something coming soon?
Really want some update and love for the infinite scroll Bricks element.

Also, is it possible to change URL and browser history when scrolling?
For example, when we scroll and we load the next batch of items the URL auto-populates with “/page/2” and so on and so forth. It will be easier to share the direct URL to the pagination page then!

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In my opinion, this pagination option (on the screenshot) will be the most convenient to use on the frontend.

  1. Page navigation.
  2. Infinite scroll with a “Show more” button.

The user can choose what is more convenient to use. Search engine robots have no problem crawling through all the pages. There will not be annoying endless loading page.

Everything is logical, clear and functional :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been waiting for it, will it come in 2022?

Hi there.

Didn´t test it yet - but shouldn´t this possible now with ‘Intercations → Load more (Query loop)’?

Hey guys,

we’ve added an AJAX loader in Bricks 1.9.0, now available as a one-click update in your WordPress Dashboard.

Please let us know what you think.