Image compression suggestions

Hi fellow Bricksters!

I am looking to add an image compression plugin (Pro not free) to my current Bricks site and was wondering a couple of things:-

  1. Which of the main ones (EWWW, ShortPixel or Optimole) play best with Bricks?
  2. If using the ‘adaptive’ images option including the use of their CDN, does this introduce any issues?
  3. I have a lot of SVGs - EWWW also optimises SVGs - is this worth it?

I know I can just install the free versions to do a direct comparison, but EWWW’s service is not the same in the free version so it would be hard to compare.

Any insight would be much appreciated.

I use Imagify but read a decent blog comparing various options available.

Short Pixel was at the top tied with Elementor’s offering.