Iframe media player in post excerpt?

Hello I’m trying to do a query loop with post type selected… everything works well except- I’m hoping to pull html code from the excerpt section to show as a player. (this would be podcast player per each post and would like to have it display on the front page accordingly). Suggestions?

Allow HTML in Excerpts via allow html in excerpt wordpress - Google Search.

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This approach did not work for me, all HTML in excerpts is still stripped to plain text. Did you, @PCH and @Sridhar , get it to work?

I have tried multiple methods, like Advanced Excerpt plugin(s), and many code snippets (to functions.php) I have found online. However, none seems to work.

I’m trying it for WooCommerce product excerpts, which I dont know if it makes a difference. (Did try both, post_excerpt and product short description)

If the objective is to show a video player for each post why not use a custom field for it? Makes more sense to have such info as meta data for the posts plus it should also be straightforward to output such data on the frontend.

Even though I’m not trying to display a video (rather just simply HTML: bolded text and imgs), I did try using custom fields (forgot to mention that earlier), but those fields are stripped out of HTML too. Tried Meta Box and ACF.

(Seems like “post concent” is the only Dynamic Content hook that doesn’t strip HTML)

Just tried and it works fine.

How on earth is this not working for me