I want to share my latest Bricks Builder add-on with community; OoohBoi Kinekt - Scroll-triggered animations for Bricks Builder!

Hi everyone,
I have released my first Bricks Builder add-on today and wanted to share it with community. The add-on is named “OoohBoi Kinekt” and is used to animate elements on page scroll.

You can download it for free (personal & commercial usage) at Gumroad:

The Docs can be found here:

OoohBoi Kinekt is quite new so any feedback is highly appreciated.



That’s cool.
Is there some video on youtube where is possible to see examples?

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I’ll make the video as soon as I find some spare time but in the meanwhile you can go thru the add-on docs to get an idea. Basically, if you are at least a little bit familiar with the GSAP/ScrollTrigger it shouldn’t be that hard to connect the dots.

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I will have a look at it.

Thank you.

Love your work, @ooohboi! :ok_hand: I’m a supporter since I’ve been using your plugin with Elementor. It helped a lot back then when there was no Flexbox option available. :laughing: And your new add on for Bricks looks just great, I will try it out! :star_struck:

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We are blessed to have you as a part of the Bricks community, OoohBoi. Can’t wait to start using this one.

Hvala <3

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The text effect is amazing but it runs only when I scroll. I would like to have the same effect in the header but if I don’t scroll the page I don’t see any animation.
Is it possible to run this automatically?

This add-on is made to help you create scroll-triggered animations in first place. However, if the element (a Header) is past the animation trigger point then the animation starts immediately.
So, if the header you want to animate the text for is in the hero section of the page, you could simply set the Animation triggers like this:
“Start animation when:” Top of the element
“…hits the:” Bottom of the viewport
Otherwise, it means that the condition is already met and the animation plays as soon as the page loads. I hope it makes sense.


Yes, I know and is very useful for animation on scroll so I thought this cool effect could be also used for the top header without scrolling. I really like it.
And yes, it works.
Thank you so much!