I did what I asked. Updating the convenient operation of Bricks

I don’t know where this exists, but after long days of trial and error, I achieved the result I wanted. I wanted this to be in the list by default. This really helps me to use the bricks interface comfortably.

  1. The widget panel should be presented larger, faster and more convenient.
  2. The structure panel sometimes does not have enough space to write the block name. I don’t like abbreviations.
  3. The code editor turned out to be small. Widening the panel and increasing the height helps here.
  4. We save the state of the widget group. I’m tired of constantly closing widget groups. Sometimes the Single group is completely unnecessary under certain circumstances. Or when working with a group of filters, you also constantly reboot and scroll down.
  5. I increased the font of the headers and code fields a little. I’m tired of looking at the fine print when creating code.

I hope that the brick developers will take a look and add something as it is really convenient. Checked it :slight_smile:

VIDEO hotelko.mp4 - Google Drive

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That is nice but in case you haven’t done so checkout Advanced Themer for Bricks - so many great features and UI enhancements that I can’t work without.


Yes, of course, I familiarized myself a little with the functionality, but there is a lot of function stuff for me. I don’t want to clutter my site.

You don’t have to clutter things, just turn on the bits you actually want to use.

Personally AT is a plugin I couldn’t do without as it adds so much to my building experience.

I understand that, thank you. But I love minimalism. This makes it easier to monitor site security.

I wanted to say that I wish someday this feature would be added to Bricks without having to install a plugin with over 100 features, but me and my clients only need 4 features :slight_smile: