How would I show/hide elements based on the breakpoint?


I’m new to Bricks Builder and still figuring things out. I’m loving how simple and fast it is. One thing I can’t seem to figure out yet is how to display/hide an element depending on the breakpoint.

For instance, for my desktop breakpoint, I want to show a certain element (styled it with a specific style), but for my mobile breakpoint, I want to hide that element and show a different element altogether. So basically what I’m trying to achieve is on desktop show element A and hide element B, but in mobile show element B and hide element A.

How would I approach this?



select the device > select the element > style > misc. > display > “none”


@alani it only works to visually hide the element on the page. All code is rendered in html. This method can be used, but it is not very good. Maybe there are other options to remove the element completely from html?


any updates to this?


This would be a bad practice because this still includes the code on the page. So, for instance, if you want to hide a block like a hero image block on a mobile device, and you hide it via a style, the hero block will still download to the mobile device.