How/where to set the layout of virtual pages?

Currently setting up MailPoet on a site and notice the virtual pages that MP sets by default for Manage subscriptions page, Confirmation page and Success page appear with the content on the left instead of being centered.

Ex.: Here’s a screenshot of


The site does already have a Page template that applies to all static pages with Post Title and Post Content and the regular Pages appear fine.

Is there a way to set a layout for these type of virtual pages?


define relative css for that page ?

For that we would need to add a custom body class for pages that have ?mailpoet_page and then style afterwards. While that solve the issue in this particular situation, it is limiting imo. There should be a way to design such pages in Bricks editor and be able to control not just the styling but also what elements appear (like in a sidebar layout).

Is there not a Catch All (type of Template) equivalent in Bricks like there is in Oxygen that would apply to all the pages of the site (unless there’s one more specific that would override it)?