How to: Woocommerce Shop "categories" page, category archive page, single product

I am trying to recreate this elementor site into a brick site. Working on the woo pages now and in v1.4RC2.

I am kind of stuck though, I am trying to get a shop page that contains a list of categories cards that when clicked on will take the user to a category archive page from here they can click on a product card and view the single product. The issue I am facing is that when I click on the product card on the category archive page, it takes me back to the above mentioned starting point, categories cards list.

Anyone able to help figure out where I went wrong?

I have created a video off the elementor build here: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

And the bricks build here:

Hi Chris,
I’ve tried to recreate your setup in its simplest form (see here:, but as far as I understand everything correctly, it works for me as it should.

Maybe you’ve mixed up some conditions or another template kicks in as well…

I would suggest you to export every template so you can re-import it later and then start from scratch as simply as possible as I did in the video. The simpler the setup, the easier it is to understand what is going on and where the problem is.

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Thanks for that! So, I exported my custom templates, and then deleted all woo templates, shop, archives, and single and tried to recreate a simple setup exactly as yours in the video. Same issue! When I click on a link that is supposed to lead to single product it links back to the shop page. Ughh! I wonder if it is my “local” localhost install and database somehow. I am going to upload that to a staging url on my hosting co and see what happens. At least then if I still get the same issue I can at least give somebody access to it.

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I basically rebuilt the site on my staging server and it is working as it should. YAY! Thanks timmse! . I don’t think it had anything to do with local vs staging. I have 9 categories, 5 need specific collateral information along with the loop so I created 5 specific category templates as well as a default all cats and tags archive template. For some reason the single product links from these category templates were resolving to the default all cats template.

But specificty… shouldn’t specific templates override general templates?

Hey, thanks for the feedback! Glad it works now!
Yes, basically specific templates should be prioritized (WordPress Template Hierarchy). Why that wasn’t the case with you is beyond my theoretical thinking :sweat_smile:

It is relatively complicated to go through this in your head with so many templates, so it is usually easier to spot a problem if you keep the variables to a minimum (as I did in my example).

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