How to use WPS Hide Login Plugin with Bricks Bulider custom authentication pages?

Hi forum,
I’m new here. Hope this is the right place.

I Would like to use WPS Hide Login with bricks builder and the “custom authentication pages”.
For this I have created the “Login” Page (also “Lost Password” and “Reset Password”.)
All of them are working fine when I use the url “hardcoded”:

My Approach
BUT no matter what I enter in the settings, (even with or without the clickbox “Disable login Bypass”) when I activate the WPS Hide Login Plugin and setup the login-url “hidden Page” to, WP always redirect it to the ORIGINAL login page of WP. As I would use
[Sorry the forum won’t let me insert images into the post (and only 2 links) so here the link to image as code]

I can NOT FIND A SOLUTION to show the login page created with Bricks under /login.
Althought it should used by WPS Hide Login with the setting under Login-Url:
[Sorry the forum won’t let me insert images into the post (and only 2 links) so here the link to image as code]

When I deactivate WPS Hide Login Plugin, the login page created with Bricks Builder is displayed via

Unfortunatelly I can NOT find any help in (Custom Authentication Pages – Bricks Academy or Form Element – Bricks Academy), nor in the Plugin-Support-Forum, this Forum or google.


  • Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong or need to do differently, to make WPS Hilde Login work together with Bricks Builder Custom Authentication Page?
  • Or any experience about workaround or helping documentation?
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Have also asked in the WPS Hide Login Plugin Support-Forum: WPS hide login used with bricks builder? Best Practice/Solution? |

MaximeWPS from Dev team wrote:

«Please contact the theme support first. We’ll be able to add a filter with their recommendations.»

So, I have to ask here:

  • Is there a kind of filter with recommendations for the use?

And: Is on this part of the forum the right place to ask for? Or do I have to ask this in the dev-section or somewhere else? Maybe not in the forum itself.

Would be nice, to get some help or
a redirection advice to the right place.

Or does someone have experiences with an other Plugin or simple ChildTheme functions.php-Code to “close” the default backendLogin under wp-admin and use a hard to hack alternative like “redcardforstupidhackers-login566”?And what is working with the custom authentication pages from bricks builder!?

Looking forward to tips, help or redirection-advice for the support/filter-request.

Maybe I mixed the approach from Bricks builder custom authenticaton page and the idea with plugins like WPS Hide Login.
Actually I guess with Bricks I can kick-out WPS Hide Login. But I’m not sure.

Would be great to get some hint/help if this is the right approach.

My Old Approach:

I used WPS Hide Login as one pilar (security through obscurity) to make wp more secure against hacking. The idea of security through obscurity is to “kill” the default wp-admin and wp-login.php path. So hacker have to invest more time to find the typically first step in to the backend-door.
Of course, more efforts are needed to prevent intrusion by typical hackers. But security through obscurity is the first pillar among many.
On the other hand, custom-backend-url makes a good impression on customers if they can use a customised URL to log in rather than the typical boring login screen.

As I have realised since creating the post, with Bricks Builder and the custom authentication pages, the desire for “security through obscurity” and individualisation for customers is already built-in.

Question: How to hide wp-admin / wp-login.php || best practice with bricks builder?

Does anyone have experience of the easiest and most secure (less plugins == higher security) way to redirect the wp-admin and wp-login.php requests to a different url? E.g. the 404?
In the meantime I use the plugin Rename wp-admin login instead of wps hide login. Seams to be less overkill.

  • But maybe someone knows a simpler solution via functions.php, even slimmer plugins or with the Bricks Builder built-in things?

Did you get this to work, bacause I have the same problem. In General settings, I have ‘Disable login bypass’ activated, but I can still get to the standard wp-login.php page.

Hey @acp693,
yes and no… ;(
I get it to work, but only with a BIG workaround that I would I like to get rid of.
I tried different approaches with config.php and different plugins. This was the easiest to maintain, setup and update…

If you find a better, more clean and neat solution please share :wink:

My “solution”.

I use Bricks possibilities combined with the Plugin: Rename wp-admin login – WordPress-Plugin | Deutsch

The Plugin is only to hide the default urls. So the default wp-admin /login.php paths are “hidden”.
I set some not easy to find path like :qerqer435qfafqer-a3434-adfad22a
With the setting in “permalinks” → “Login URL” from the Plugihn. Then the default login urls are not longer accessible.
In bricks I setup my own path-to-bricks-login :wink:
With this combination it is quite simple to maintain and change depending on the install/client…
And the plugin is quite simple and clean coded (only 405 lines of code) without any bulk-fuctions I do not need anyway.

Hope this will help you or guide to an better solution.
All the best

Many thanks for this, I really appreciate your comprehensive post on how you did this. I also made my custom login page use a password-esque url. If the “disable login bypass” option would work properly, a solution to this problem should be possible without a plugin.