How to use variable fonts

Hi community!

I made the jump to Bricks yesterday and am really enjoying it so far. One thing I seem to be unable to get to work is variable fonts. I would prefer to upload one woff2 instead of 5 or 7 instances. It will help cut down requests and size on pages where multiple instances are used.

Am I missing something? Please let me know!

Kind regards,

It turns out variable fonts work fine. The issue I was having was with the upload. I was unable to upload WOFF2 files, so I decided to upload them to an assets folder I created in the child theme. It appears that Bricks doesn’t process a manually entered URL in the Custom Font area, only ones that are selected through the WP interface.

I decided to temporarily disable the file upload restrictions on my WP install, uploaded the variable files though the Media Library and it works fine now.

I guess I should mark this a possible bug?