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How to setup breadcrumbs in Bricks 1.3.6


I have now the version 1.3.6 and don’t see the breadcrumbs element anymore. How can I put breadcrumbs now?

Hi Anushka,

currently, there is a woocommerce breadcrumb element that works for woocommerce archives, products and so on. Bricks had never a breadcrumb element for posts or pages, but the idea is already on the idea board: Ideas – Bricks

Most SEO plugins have a breadcrumb feature built in, so if you’re using one of them, please use this approach or take a look at the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Best regards,

Hi Timmse,

My first site was with Woocommerce, that’s why I thought it was standard. I will download the plugin you mentioned.

Thanks for your help.

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