How to set a background color based on post category

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How can I set a specific background color e.g. for a card in a post query based on a category?

:arrow_right: So that different cards for different categories are color coded :red_circle::large_blue_circle::yellow_circle:. And they are easier to distinguish for visitors.

Only with a php-snippet or is there an easier way for a non-php-user?

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Try this:

1. Put this into your childthemes functions.php:

function getPostCatName() {
    $category = get_the_category();
    return $category[0]->slug;

This snippet gets the first category of a post and returns the slug. We only get the first in case a post has more than one in which case the output (our future styling selector) would change.

Add a custom attribute to the the post. Not sure what you used to create your grid but basically add to whatever wraps each individual post within the grid like so:

Now each post should have something like this:

We can target that in css like so:

.parent-grid-selector .single-post-child[data-category="news"] {
background: tomato;

.parent-grid-selector .single-post-child[data-category="someothercategory"] {
background: firebrick;

Awesome answer! Thanks a ton for all your effort, the screenshots etc.! I will try that. Very much appreciated, @manc! :pray: