How To Request A New Feature

Use this category to discuss new feature requests, but submit your feature request through the official Idea Board over at

How Our User-Driven Development Process Works

Bricks follows a user-driven development process. That process starts with you submitting your feature request via the public idea board.

You can also view, comment, and upvote your favorite new features on the idea board. Requests with the most upvotes will receive development priority.

A published idea does not guarantee it will be developed. Once an idea has made it onto the Bricks roadmap it’ll be developed.

Every submitted idea is manually reviewed. There is no need to re-submit the same idea multiple times.

If your submitted feature request hasn’t been published on the idea board, we either haven’t reviewed it yet, decided to not publish it or are still discussing it internally.

We do not sent out notifications about an ideas’ rejection or approval.

Before You Post

Please first check if an idea similar to the one you are about to submit has already been published:

If that’s the case, feel free to upvote this feature and comment on it your exact requirements, tips on how we can best implement this new feature, or link to some good examples.

In case this feature has not been submitted yet, read on …

How To Start A Feature Request Discussion

Please take advantage of the idea board first before creating a new feature post in this category.

Ideally, we can use this category to discuss existing feature requests in more detail.

When creating a new post about a published feature request, please include a link to its idea board entry at the very beginning of your post like so:

Feature Request: Container Element To Build Any Layout (

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Hi @thomas,

I submitted a few things on idea board but they don’t seem to appear in the list.
How long does it generally take to review and accept them?

Do you send notifications when accepted or rejected?


@yankiara I’ve updated the post above to make the idea submission process more transparent. To answer your question:

  • There is no specific time-frame in which an idea is reviewed.
  • We do not sent out notifications about an ideas’ rejection or approval.