How To Report Bugs

If you’ve discovered a bug in Bricks, meaning something is broken, please post it in this category.

Make sure to use the search functionality first and comment on already existing bug reports rather than creating duplicate bug reports.

For questions about “How To Do X with Bricks?” please post into the How To category.

Before reporting a bug

  1. Make sure you are running the latest version of Bricks. You can view all Bricks releases with a detailed summary of all included changes over at

  2. Head over to “Bricks > System Information” in your WordPress dashboard to see if your installation fulfills all Bricks requirements.

How to report a bug

The more details you can provide that clearly illustrate this bug, the faster and better we can assist you in resolving it.

At the very least an in-depth description of the bug you’ve stumbled upon.

Even better if you can attach a screenshot to your post.

Bonus points for a link to a short screencast where you walk us through the bug.

Anything that helps us to quickly understand and reproduce your bug, so we can dive into fixing it for you and probably a lot of other users, is welcome.

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