How to recreate this setup?

Hey all,

any useful tips on how I should proceed to recreate this (work in progress…) page layout I’m currently working on? I’m trying on the demo ( but I keep struggling. I’d like to have the fixed full-height slider on the right side to use 30% of the view width, but at the same time have the content container not exceed a certain width, like it’s shown on my current wip.

Any help appreciated. Thank you

maybe I didn’t understand the problem. What is the difficulty? the section on the right is a simple div with position fixed …

Hey @nonmorfeao, thanks for tuning in.

I know that. I have the right container set to a width of 30%, fixed etc and it looks good. However, I don’t want the left section to fill the remaining 70% of the screen, but to adjust to a set px width. And that’s where I struggle. If I do set it to a fixed width, the content within does not fill the space until the beginning of the slider, or it overlaps. Don’t know how to describe it any better, sorry.

Maybe I’m just thinking too complicated :wink:

you set the container (the one on the left) to 70%, while the container on the right you set it to fixed 30%. After that in the container on the left you can nest other containers and give it the size you want without affecting the 2 main containers. I always hope I have understood the problem: P

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Thank you. I was indeed thinking too complicated. Got it working now the way I want it to. Thanks for your advice!

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