How to put html sections in lazyload

Hi guys, how can I put html sections in lazyload? just insert an attribute loading=“lazy”? thanks in advance


PS: in the screen I inserted eager as a preload for example, but the request applies to both types of loading

Hi Christofer,
I’ve never heard of lazy-load a whole section :thinking:

Usually, you can use the attribute for images, iFrames, CSS, JS, or fonts: Lazy loading - Web Performance | MDN

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Swift has that feature.

Swift Performance WordPress Cache Plugin – UNOFFICIAL GUIDE.

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Hi Sridhar,

It was johnny who advised me to put the html sections in lazyload (that day I asked a question about elementor). In fact, Swift PRO allows you to put in lazyload the sections in elementor. I want to know if adding attributes that way could work. Obviously in an incognito card I do not seem to see the elements in lazyload, maybe I’m wrong something

For example SWIFT PRO allows in elementor to put widgets in lazyload. Such a thing could go on bricks, what do you think? Lazyload Elementor Widgets – Swift Performance

Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about that because I haven’t used Swift Performance yet.
If plugins provide the functionality and it works with Bricks: cool!

Personally, I don’t see implementing this as a separate Bricks feature, since there are plugins that do just that and much more in terms of caching/performance on top of that :rocket: