How to optimize the css min?

Hello, newbie here
I created a website but I am not a developer or designer by trade, therefore I just installed SWIS cache optimizer and EWWW image optimizer.
To me, it seems fast and all is done.
But here you can see that this report
that testing on a motorola phone, the numbers are not great.
So my first question is>
Should I only care for DOMContentLoaded and the Loaded tab and that is it? Do Google Web vitals matter?

And second, what else do you use with Bricks for your websites? Any lifetime deals?

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Yo tengo la misma pregunta

Use EWWW for image optimization, and then use their free plugin called SWIFT to minimise css and other stuff like that.
I got a lifetime deal for it, feel free contact me to get this offer cuz I dont think i can post them here

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¿Alguien ha probado Site Ground Optimizar con Bricks?