How to go about publishing to apple news

We are considering using Bricks for our site rebuild. It is a very post content heavy news site that publishes several stories a week.

So far I see bricks being perfectly capable of handling all of our requirements apart from one. Publishing to apple news via apple publisher.

Currently we use normal old school posts with ACF fields and were considering updating to Gutenberg. Both of which have the Apple news plugin that can handle publishing to apple news when a new story is published.

I intend to use Bricks to build the posts/stories because one of the main requirements of the new site is to be be able to be flexible with how we build each story.

How would I go about setting up publishing to apple news with pages built in Bricks?

I do not see any current support for this. Would it be a good idea to have a specific ACF rich text field where we can add the story text and images in a more minimal top down layout that we then find a way to index that field to apple news?

Any suggestions?

You need to be an approved publisher, but you can do it.

Thanks, we are already an approved publisher. We publish current stories to Apple news daily, but it is using old school wordpress posts with ACF fields. It works but I am revamping this entire story build process and want to use Bricks.

So I am sure I can do it… just hoping for some pointers on getting started.