How to efficiently use shared layouts in different templates? Miss O2 templates ;-)


I’m really missing the smartest templating system I’ve met so far, which is Oxygen.

Bricks looks more like WP’s native templating, with header/content/footer templates, and some section templates you can put in.
Then, conditions based on post/archive/etc. allow to choose actual content template.

But there is a big limitation in this system.

A simple example, how can you create a global template with page header (not main header) which will be used by all pages on the website?

The only way I could do this with Bricks was using a section template, which you need to inject into ALL your content templates.

Oxygen actually allows nesting templates, so you can create a main template with header/footer, then nest a global content with page header inside it, then nest the real content template based on single/archive/types.

This was the basic example, which you can easily solve with Bricks, but what if you want a global layout for your blog? The blog template contains a flex div with content and sidebar, and blog footer. Then you have your content in the left part of the flex div, like post content for single post or posts grid for archives.

With Bricks, you need to put your flex div with sidebar in BOTH blog single and archive templates, since content is different in the left part. So if you decide later to change the design, you have to do it twice, this is wrong.

Correct me if I’m missing something, please, and sorry for my approximate english with templating :wink:

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