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How to edit a post page

It might be a really stupid question, but how can I edit a post page? I would like to change the image, but I can’t find it.

Hey @JDK

There is never a stupid question :slight_smile: could you explain a little more is it a post or a page. Where is the image showing that you like changed? Is it in the posts element where you have a collection of posts?

Kind Regards


Hi Michael,

Thanks for replying! What I mean is:

When you make a post, it ends up on a page. The blog post. I want to be able to adjust that. See image below.

I want to make the image smaller and put relevant blogpost below.

Hey Jorn,

I understand you now. For that, you would need to create a new template. Think of a template as a predesigned blog post that you can style. Then every time you create a new blog post it uses this new design.

There is an article on the academy here: An Intro To Templates – Bricks Academy

It might sound complicated but it is not really. If you get stuck on any parts though just come back and ask a question.

**Things to remember do not add information in the design use dynamic content for all the parts that need to be updated when you add the new posts.


Heading: Do not write the name of a blog post, instead add post title shortcode/element.

Good luck :muscle:

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Hi Micheal,

Thnx! I tryd and it worked :smiley:

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@JDK awesome! :clap: :+1: