How to delete a layer other than the right-click menu?

I imported a template into a new project and the right-click context menu is not working on a layer.

I need to access this menu to delete the layer. Is there any other way to delete a layer?

This is exactly the problem I am facing too… In an imported footer template from Frames (@jins8 any chance you used this too?) I have 2 elements where right clicking brings up the browser context - I simply cannot get the bricks menu to appear…
This is very frustrating - I cannot find a way to delete the element - so the only fix is to completely rebuild the footer ??

As a small addition. I removed the footer and imported the template again… the exact same list item can not be right clicked on again in the structure panel.

In Bricks Settings > Builder tab > Go to Structure panel and toggle on the Element Actions

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Legend! thanks @jins8