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How to create this blog box

Hello all,

I’m new to Bricks and i want to make a blogpage where I have on the left 1 big post and on the right 2 smaller posts. Can someone help me? Example of what i mean:

It is the box u see right when u open the website. So the 3 blog post.

Hi Jorn,
welcome to the forum!

Currently, this kind of layout is not quite as easy to implement. You could try two post elements side by side, but then you will probably have problems with the heights and alignments.

The easiest way would be a custom loop and css grid, which are unfortunately not available yet (but will be soon i guess). Another option is to override the default posts element with custom CSS and change it from flexbox to a css grid layout (2 cols, 2 rows), which is relatively simple, if you are familiar with CSS.

Best regards,

Hi Timmse,

Unfortunately I am not familiar with that. I actually bought Brickbuilder because I expected these kinds of elements to be easy to implement as well.

Is there any other way available by any chance? Or am I just unlucky

Well, we can’t implement any possible layout solution by default, instead, we focused on the “more established” ones. As I said, this kind of layout will be possible in one of the next versions of bricks, when the custom loop builder and the css grid features are implemented.

In the meantime, you can use one of the default layout approaches. I don’t think it will make the site significantly worse :wink: Later on, you can switch to the new layout.