How to create a Nestable Tabs Loop Query based on ACF Select Field?


I have a CPT and Posts which represent Cat Litters with Nestable Repeaters, which represent cats from a given litter with some details.

I would like to use Nestable Tabs with a Loop Query based on ACF Select Field with three options to group posts based on a status coming from this ACF Field. Obviously a design here is irrelevant, still a long way to go

I have three options Dostępne (available), Nadchodzące (upcoming), and Poprzednie (Previous). I would like each tab to represent those fields. In content I would like to display posts filtered by that custom field.

For example if I have 3 posts assigned to Dostępne, 2 to Nadchodzące and 5 to Poprzednie, when I click Dostępne I should see a loop of 3 related posts in Dostępne, 2 in Nadchodzące and 5 in Poprzednie. Instead, the query is creating 10 tabs, so there are 3 Tabs named Dostępne, 2 Tabs named Nadchodzące and 5 Tabs named Poprzednie. And there is one post assigned to each Tab.

Is there any way to tweak query to correctly filter Tabs by a select field?


Ah yet another question unanswered. I wish I had an answer to this. How can we query things that aren’t ACF groups. Like An ACF’s select options?


I think this will require coding.

Maybe you should hire a coder.