How to create a CMS slider?

Hi, I wondering if it’s possible to create slider that dynamically pulls data from the posts/CPTs?
If it is not possible currently, can you provide any insight as to when could we expect functionality like this?
I should start a very large and complex project soon and I am debating between Oxygen and Bricks, Bricks has everything I need expect empty div element (which I know is coming in next release) and another thing is CMS-based slider, which Oxygen offers.

I most sincerely hope there is solution to this and I don’t have to use Oxygen for this, so please let me know how to go about this.


You can use dynamic data from ACF/Metabox/Jetengine/Toolset/Pods in the slider. Let us know what are you trying to achieve and we can help.

You can use a container for now without using flex options and try to layout it as you want. You can also override the styling if it’s affecting you in some way. A beta is expected soon with simple div element.