How to build a lay-out with a vertical side menu?


I’m working for a client to rebuild his website in Bricks builder. He currently has a vertical side menu that is always visible, the current site doesn’t have mobile responsiveness. My idea is to keep this layout but to collapse the menu to a mobile menu when scaled down. If you like you can see the example at:

Looking for suggestions on how to construct this lay-out in Bricks. Do i just make a full width container and split it up in 2 columns? Is there a good way to integrate the menu some other way?

Any tips, directions or examples would be very helpful and much appreciated!


I am not a web designer, but I would certainly go for an off-canvas mobile menu.

In my opinion, on a mobile screen, there is not enough screen space for a fixed menu and some content.



Thanks for your reply! You are right, on a mobile phone it won’t work but thats when i want to collapse the menu to a hamburger one.

When trying to build it i just found an option that does the trick it seems. When creating a new global header i have the option to align it to the left. I think this is the right way, any additions on this are still welcome!

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See this: