How to apply a bricks template to a custom post type?


I’ve made a native custom post type (not with ACF) ‘event’ with 3 more fields:
End date

I’ve created a single-event.php file in my bricks child theme with the content of the single.php file of the Bricks parent theme.

And I want to apply a bricks template I’ve buit for this custom post type (with the right conditions in the settings of the bricks template)

But it doesn’t render the event post with the bricks template…

How can I make this work ?



I’ve found the problem : I haven’t published the bricks event template…

Now it’s OK.

Hi Oli,
you don’t need to create a separate “single-event.php” to use Bricks to design the Event CPT page.

You need only to create a Bricks template of type “Single” and apply condition to it:

  • Post Type => Event

happy building

Bricks is a pagebuilder. You don’t have to mess around with php files…

Thanks, indeed, there’s no need of single-cpt.php file