How to add website logo globally sitewide in bricks builder?

How can I set website logo globally site wide? Normally in themes like Astra we can add logo from **customizer**. And I can use it anywhere on the website.

But In Bricks Builder I didn’t find out. YES! I know there is a widget in bricks called **LOGO** but what if I used widget on my website 20 times. And Now, I want to change the logo. This is a very painful to change logo from 20 places.

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Use the dynamic data option. This way you can use a custom field with the logo image. Any logo elements you had can all use this same field.


Yeah! It can be an option, but what if I don’t need the Custom Fields plugin on my website? Is it a better idea to add a plugin just to make the logo dynamic? I don’t think so. :thinking:

You can have an image element with logo, save it as a global template, use it wherever, change it just once in the template.

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It depends what your priorities are.

The benefit of the custom fields / dynamic data is so it can be updated outside of Bricks by end user / client. If that’s not important, then saving the image as global template (as digismith suggests) is another option for managing it globally.

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I agree, my first assumption when seeing the logo element was that it would be a global logo. Would be awesome if that would be the case as pretty much every website needs a logo.

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I’m confused by this process too. I recognize we can accomplish this using custom fields and such, but I swear I used to see the logo be set in the WordPress Customizer for the theme (such as Hello theme from Elementor I think), so I’m surprised this isn’t added in the Customizer for Bricks Theme, only site icon can be set there (aka the favicon). How can Bricks include a Logo element if they don’t allow the logo to be set in the theme options?