How? Targeting (:active) Menu Element in Bricks 1.8+

With the release of the new menu nav element, I’ve been trying to target the active element - it seems the builder doesn’t use the standard pseudo selector :active, nor does it add any classes to the active element, yet it is still able to target the active element by adding an active border.

How can I also target that same element to add my own custom CSS to the active menu element? Am I missing something?

Following. I need to know the same Sarge. I’m made a separate post about it already as it’s fairly essential ability within a menu system. Agreed.

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I’m probably being dense, but doesn’t it just place aria-current=“page” attribute on the active link? So you can target that?

I’ve posted a suggestion to the ideas board but doesn’t look like it’s been approved yet. If it does will post here to get votes.

As I understand it is unfortunately far from best practice to style based on an accessibility tag.