How do you use the inverse logo?

I can’t see any options to use the inverse logo…

I’m trying to have a transparent header with a light colored logo, and a sticky menu on scroll with a dark colored logo - but I have no clue on how to get this. I thought the inverse logo option was my saviour, but I can’t see how to use it …

Hi Martin,
If you have defined an inverse logo and using the logo element together with the sticky header option, it changes accordingly.

Take a look here (and please don’t pay attention to how ugly everything looks - the uglier the better to test) using 1.4beta:

Best regards,

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Okay. Doesn’t work in 1.3.7.

Hope 1.4.0 is out of beta soon then…

i’m running 1.4rc now, but it’s still not working.

what am I doing wrong???

It worked in the beta, but unfortunately, not in the RC :tired_face: But I t’s already on the list :v:t2:

not working in rc2 either :slight_smile:

yeap that’s how I use it too. what I normally did on the first website I built is that the main logo contains a lot of green variations and what I did for the inverse logo in photoshop I changed it to a white color logo with a darker background. But im using 1.3.7 version i have not installed the newest versions on it.

Correct Martin, the fix didn’t make it into 1.4 RC2 :love_you_gesture: