How do I reduce my Time To Interactive?

Hello everyone!
Newbie wd here.
I get great scores for my desktop site, yet my mobile is at 50.

Time to Interactive
8.4 s

First Contentful Paint
6.0 s

Speed Index
6.0 s

Largest Contentful Paint
7.3 s

So what do you use to optimise for mobile?

Hi David,

Welcome to the forum! It is pretty hard to give you some advices without seeing your site :smiley:

A slow page speed can caused by many things, e.g. a lot of plugins, huge images, a slow server…

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aaa…sorry about that

Also, in this screenshot you can see
Reduce initial server response time

6.07 s

Keep the server response time for the main document short because all other requests depend on it. Learn more.FCPLCP

URL Time Spent
( 6,170 ms

As a newbie, **besides a caching tool(**BTW,what do you recommend for Bricks with a LiteServer) and something for pictures in WebP- I use Wordpress plugin called webp converter for media

What should I do to improve my mobile results?

The funny thing is that sometimes completely different values arise when you compare, e.g., with Have you tried to remove the language component to see if this is the reason?

If not, it seems that the TTFB (Time to first byte) is the main problem. It takes too long, blocks everything, and causes bad FCP and LCP results.

Here is a pretty good Kinsta article about TTFB: How to Reduce TTFB to Improve WordPress Page Load Times

They provide some tips on how to reduce the TTFB as well. Probably the best advice: Utilize a Fast WordPress Host. I encountered this myself a few days ago with a client’s site built with Bricks that had a relatively bad performance (on the client’s host). After some testing, I decided to move the entire site to my host (as I know it works pretty fast) and got completely different, better results.

Since changing the host isn’t always possible, using a CDN and a caching plugin should help (at least a little).

@Michael uses Litespeed Cache afaik, which works quite well for him. Maybe he’s got some more tips.

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Hey @Guccifer

I did have a quick check. Some quick recommendations for you:

  1. Use cloudflare for your DNS & CDN (Free and will help with your TTFB issue)
  2. If your site is on a LiteSpeed server then definately use the Litespeed cache plugin (You can use this for caching, WebP image optimising & CDN) - It gives you a free quota which will be more than enough for your site.
  3. Turn on guest mode but do not turn on guest optimization.
    4 Do not use CSS or JS minification inside the cache plugin and use it in cloudflare.

Good luck and let me know how the results go :slight_smile:

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Thank you Michael!
As a newbie, this is pure gold, so thank you for this list.
One quick question- Do you happen to know how to edit a category or a tag in Bricks?
Because I want to edit it to look better, like a regular page, and now I do not understand why it looks like it looks
An example…

What do you think?

Hey David,

No problem at all.

On quick inspection, It looks like you do not have a template assigned.

If you want to have a standardized design, example here from one of my blog posts What Is Web Design & How Designers Work - Web Design Saigon

Because it is a template, everytime I add a new blog post it will use this design. If this is what you are after then you are best starting from here An Intro To Templates – Bricks Academy

If you get stuck along the way just ask any questions and I or anyone else will hopefully guide you.

Good luck :muscle:

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