How do I configure my pages for easier photo management and better performance?

I’ve been really struggling recently. I am starting to get more and more things together, but I don’t know if anything that I am doing is the right way. I feel like a toddler behind the keyboard just trying things until it works.

Right now I have the following issues:
My logo in the top left of the header loads after all the other elements, is there anything I can do to make that image load quicker? Even the big photos in the review page load before that which seems counterintuitive to me because they are bigger and more numerous. When I am navigating around the website I notice that every time I change addresses the icon in the top left blinks.

In the “Reviews” tab, I’m struggling with the “posts” element. I have a few issues with every type of layout. “Masonry” maintains the correct aspect ratio of each photo, but the resolution gets worse and they all appear a soft. “List” and “grid” both maintain the resolution, but they crop on the sides. I made sure they are all the same aspect ratio. What do I need to do to have the photos maintain their sharpness and aspect ration?

What resolution should I store the files in my media library and then what size should I select for them in the builder? Is full the full resolution of them as they were uploaded? I’d love a best practices guide for how to upload and display photos.

Thank you to anyone who read this far and especially to those who respond. I greatly appreciate the help.


For the logo - I seen that you are Lazy loading the logo. Probably if you don’t Lazy load it will not blink and probably will load before.


That fixed that issue. I appreciate you helping