How could I create a menu for my slider?

I want to recreate this slider with a menu at the top:

Would it be somehow possible to recreate this using the nestable slider in Bricks?

Use Tabs (nestable). I have created a similar “slider” in bricks on a test-page. See attached image.

  • Add a container inside the “Pane” block.
  • Select vertical alignment on the container.
  • Add image and a block inside the container.
  • Add your widgets inside the block.

I don’t know about the “pagination dots”, but I would skip them. I think it’s enough with highlighting the active slider and make it visible (as you have in your wireframe), that it’s more slides.

It’s not a default to make it auto-slide, but I guess it’s possible wit some scripts.

Hope it was helpful :slight_smile:

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That looks beautiful, thank you for the reply!

Do you know if it would be possible to drag the tabs to the next one as you would do with a slider?

As far as I know, no… Might be possible with some javascript, but that’s not my area.

Too bad, would love to combine the slider functions with the Tabs (nestable) element.

I have not tried it at all, but I’am sure it is a way to link a slider to the “Pane” block. But it will require som custom CSS and Java I believe.