How can I export bricks and import to a new website?

I am developing a staging website of a WooCommerce Shop which has had many new orders during the development. How can I just export and import the bricks settings / css classes / layouts? I know the templates can be exported, but I don’t see the possibility to export css classes and single pages. Can this be done via the database (I have access to PhpMyAdmin)?

Zippy – WordPress plugin | is an option for exporting and importing WP entities like Pages and Posts.

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The pages actually exist already. Oxygen Builder for example allow copy/paste of the shortcodes, is something similar possible for bricks?

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Zippy copies the gutenberg data but not the Bricks data, so it doesn’t work.
I haven’t found any solution.
Just create a template, but of course all the posts are crazy.
If anyone knows how, please enlighten us.

Yeah; you can copy and paste the sections from one page to another. I haven’t tried moving a whole page at once, but I have copied a section from a local site to a development site easily. Just needed to upload the proper images in cases where I copied a section that included one. Right click copy from the local then right click copy to the dev.

I had to wake up the pseudo-classes too.

If I misunderstood your question, I apologize! But it may help if others want to just move a section instead. :smile:

Yes, if you open the 2 projects, you copy and paste everything, but if there are many, it’s crazy.
I’m looking for something more automated.
Here I think that bricks should have something to import and export in bulk.

I figured I was reading that wrong. Does the native Wordpress importing/exporting not work for you? I exported some pages from my local site onto my dev site with little issue (oddly, a few of my classes did not ‘transfer’ over, but most of them did–in a 5 section page, only one was missing the classes I had applied save for one single ACSS class-out of a few I had in that section, lol.)

That, I had already tried.
Loses information, for example some are totally empty.
Others have the information but the query loop data is not there, it is not even activated.
Others are with everything.
Others, like you say, don’t even have the classes.
You cannot manually review all the posts and pages, for that I copy and paste, but it is not a good option.

I think the best option is to export/import the templates and copy/paste each page via database. I hope bricks makes a feature to export/import pages.


Just tested and it copies Bricks data as well.

I tried it and it didn’t work, I copied the gutenberg data.
I’ll try it again when I have some time.

Did this ever end up working for you, Abel? I’m having a similar issue of my Bricks data not showing up whenever I try to edit in Gutenburg. And it’s just a total no-go if I try to make it a static site with Simply Static.

Do you guys know how to solve this topic? I used a Cloning tool to transfer Gutenburg data sites to static Bricks. It works perfectly. You can give it a try : its name is ClonewebX