House Of Kook Furniture - Bricks x ACSS x WooCommerce

#builtwithbricks & ACSS & WooCommerce

Overall this was so much fun to build! I think our designer did an awesome job, I love the unique and challenging layouts. Bricks makes it fun to build them :slight_smile: I think there is a bit that could be improved with the Woo elements, I don’t know if I just completely missed it but it would be cool to be able to preview and style woo notices (added to cart/removed from cart/missing checkout fields/etc.) from the builder. Some of the button styling for Woo also felt a bit weird/inconsistent when I tried to set defaults in the Theme but I think that’s because of Woo’s inconsistencies more than anything.

Overall, a really fun build! Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Nice looking website…

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Thanks so much! I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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This type of design reminds me of those sites listed on
Looks great! Great work!

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Looks nice nd clean.
Just one thing.

The hover color of the forms is different from the others in propose? (in the home)


Thank you!

Yes, that’s on purpose :smile: we had a lot of fun with their colour palette and so developed a few different “Themes” depending on the page/collection in the future (eg. the contact page is a different theme).

So the button hover colour on the light background is red, but on the dark background is yellow. Yellow on light is really tough to see, even if it’s a hover interaction.

Thank you! I think we’ve submitted it to be featured so hopefully we’ll see it there soon :joy:

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Haha! Looking forward to seeing your site there. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Nice palette then. :heart:

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Is your designer availble for purely the design aspect?

Yes - email me at and we can chat through anything you’re looking for.