Help needed: Sending data back from Zapier to WordPress for form redirect

Hey everyone,

I’m having trouble with a functionality on my WordPress site and could use some assistance. Here’s the rundown:

  • Website Details: Built on WordPress using BricksBuilder.
  • Current Workflow:
    • User submits their details via a form.
    • Data is sent to Zapier via a webhook.
    • Zapier processes the data and performs actions (e.g., creating an order).


  • I need to send data back from Zapier to WordPress.
  • Specifically, I want to take a URL generated by Zapier and use it to automatically redirect users after they submit the form.
  • I tried creating a custom endpoint to receive the URL, but no luck so far.

Can someone guide me on:

  1. How to send data back from Zapier to WordPress properly?
  2. How to automate the user redirect based on the received data?

Any guidance or pointers would be greatly appreciated!