Heading links not working

I have a website built with bricksbuilder. I have created a left header with some heading links. I put External url and {site_url} but nothing is happening. Only when i put #brxe-ervfsa (section’s id) and only in my homepage i have an action. For example if i put /#brxe-ervfsa to go to root url i can see it on down left redirect link that is showing, but nothing happens. I also tried as external URL to a heading, to put w3schools to see if it would work, but nothing happens again.Thx in advance

My website link is: https://mavrommatisantonios.gr/

I built it in bricksbuilder like this.

Hello Andreas_zach

I saw that you have the link code wrong.
Studies You have to remove the bar / that is before the #

It should be like this: Studies
When you link to an anchor you have to put it as an external link and only write the name of the anchor #brxe-ervfsa


Kind regards

Hello there. Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, if i remove the “/” when i am in another page than the home page, it is redirecting to the same page and tries to find the #brxe-ervfsa. It is like this in another page the anchor “Brotherhood Tribe Greece – Mavrommatisantonios”. I am trying to redirect to home page when i am in an article, and to the section that i want. But the links do nothing if i set the {site_url} . Although the link is pointing to home page. I click the heading and it does not do something.

It should work for you with this:
I have tested it on my test website and it works correctly.
Kind regards

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It does not doing anything at all for me. I don’t know what is wrong.