hCaptcha compatibility to be GDPR compliant (EU)

Dear Bricks-Developers,

since Google Recaptcha isn´t compliant with GDPR-Law (EU) I had to move all my sites to hCaptcha to safe myself from legal problems. Recaptcha loads google font without being able to block it. I am situated in Austria and over here they take the “google fonts stuff” very seriously - fines were given recently to several thousands of companies in a single sweep issued by one lawyer. (imagine if there are many lawyers doing this)

GDPR is an extremely important topic and I would love to see Bricks also supporting hCaptcha (GDPR compliant captcha) in the form because in the EU you cannot use Google Recaptcha anymore. → unless you like to play russian-roulette :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for considering this FR.

(Ideas – Bricks)

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