Hardest project I ever built: testsiegertarife.de

It’s far from ready but a one of the for me hardest projects is live. :slight_smile:

Things I know that needed to be fixed or improved:

  • performance (there’s a lot of stuff to do)
  • a lot of spacing stuff
  • some ui improvements for UX / UI and better contrasts
  • Code improvements
  • get rid of some css mess

Special requirements:

  • external JSON File with data structure for the insurance products
  • wrote a wordpress plugin that gets the json data, create based on brand a parentpage, based on brand and productname the childpages and fill the 120 datafields. Duplicate checker and so on.
  • path of truth for data. Data consistency between forms and different pages.
  • Calculator. Custom written price calculator for the products including risc calculation (different formulas because some products use percent some fixed risc addon prices)
  • dynamic health questions for wsforms and some custom stuff for it
  • dynamic school grade functions for the single product pages
  • dynamic svg for showing the product quality with svg
  • dynamic bar charts based on data
  • product facetting with custom components and WP Gridbuilder
  • custom product comparison
  • custom sorting the cards for pricing (JS)
  • dynamic rating via proven expert api
  • internal flexcontent pagebuilder for the client with a lot of custom calculators

and a lot more stuff.

Feel free to add feedback or ask questions! :slight_smile:


Very impressive, great job! :clap:

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Great job, @sebastianberger ! :ok_hand:t2:

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Great Job! I like it a lot.
Funny, we are in need of a Zahnzusatzversicherung for my son, who moved to Erding, Bavaria, last summer. Browsing your project, I believe I’ve found a perfect offer for him. Just sent him the link :slight_smile:

Regarding the site, it feel great, clean, all very nice. The only thing I find confusing: While navigating, the logo position in the header changes from left to right and it gets replaced by the Ensurance-Company logo. I first had the impression, I left the website and at first could not see a way to get back to the home page.

Other than this: Sehr geile Seite!

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Thank you very much! =)

There will be a lot of further UX / UI improvements in the future! I took your feedback in my backlog! I appreciate it a lot!