Happyfiles folders not showing admin

Hey! Just posted this in the inner circle, and seems someone else has a similar problem:

The happyfiles folders aren’t showing in the backed. They show for a split second then it’s just an empty column.

Since a lot of us are using both Bricks & Happyfiles I was wondering if there are others that encountered it and have a solution for it?

The error I see in console is:
console error - 2

  • Already send a support request earlier today, but hoping someone else already encountered this and knows a solution.

  • /!\ = undefined

  • Tried enforcing load in wp-admin but didn’t help

  • Wordfence is installed but not activated (development site).

For future searches.
It was a Wordfence firewall rule.
Thomas helped me out here (thanks again!)

Wordfence>Firewall>Manage WAF>Advanced Firewall Options>Rules>‘Show all Rules’ → disable the rule that is labeled ‘HappyFiles Pro <= 1.8.1 - Missing Authorization’

Now the fun part was - wordfence wasn’t installed on this install. But being a subdomain it was the WAF rules on the main domains install.

Hope this helps whoever needs this in the future!


Thank you for sharing the solution!

Hey, I also have this issue, but for me the problem was coming from my VPN.
When enabled, the folders are gone.
I use Proton VPN.
I’m posting it so if someone else faces this issue, he/she knows another reason for it !