[Guide Needed] ACF data turned empty when I choose the dynamic data from ACF

I have a question about ACF in Bricks.

I want to ask, why would the ACF data turn empty?

It shows empty for image and text too.
Am I missing any steps?

Thank you!

Hi Jornes!

I couldn’t reproduce your issue.
Here is my premiere in screen casting:
Show Video …

Watched your video link, that is a strange one. Currently Bricks “supports” those data types, and here is a link with a list of standard wordpress fields that Bricks supports with dynamic data. But currently there is no support yet for group/repeater fields and a few other advanced data types in ACF or Meta Box. But for text and a single image, this should not be a problem. Curious as to what you find out. I have found many limitations in the current support of dynamic data, but have dozens of productions sites that are utilizing basic dynamic data such as text, images etc.
Dynamic Data – Bricks Academy - bottom of the page has the listing of currently support fields/objects

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Hi! Thanks for your response!

I think I have missed one step that showing in your video. I shall check and try it out again.


Hi Jornes,

I recently tested this with Bricks 1.3.6 and the upcoming Bricks 1.3.7 and it works fine. Can you please share your solution when you’ve fiddled it out?

Best regards,

@timmse Thank you!

I was actually not complaining that it’s an issue from Bricks but asking if I have missed any steps to make it work.

Thank you! :smiley:

All good, but I would still be interested in what you missed if you missed something :smiley:

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I’m wondering if I have missed anything too.

Still not working for me. Still showing empty data. :laughing:

Still can’t get it to work.

Have to check to see if you are getting an output on the frontend?

Also, maybe disable some plugins – I see you are running both bricks and Zionbuilder at the same time, maybe a conflict?

It’s nothing to do with this. I’m testing the same thing for a few different sites. The site in the video is multisite. I have even tried it at a regular site(only Bricks). But, can’t seem to make it work too.

I’m still wondering why it is not working. Weird!

I get it to work – I will create a little video showing you what I did. Stay tuned.

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Alright. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Here you go … hope it helps. =)


Thanks for the video! I’ll check it out tomorrow and come back to you! It’s bedtime now here. :blush:

how do I get the 1.3.7 beta? Really need to test some of the added features and bug fixes! Would love to help test that release. Thanks

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Use this link: https://bricksbuilder.io/account/?beta=1.3.7. At the end of URL must be ?beta=1.3.7

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Gracias dude!!! Looking forward to testing some very needed features, especially change to dynamic data support.

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I found assigning the ACF to the POST Type => Post, then it worked.

I am thinking to make it work this way.
For example, I need a global custom field, then I fill up the fields and use the Data I inserted anywhere on the website.

Like I am designing a home page, the ACF I assigned is Client Data(CPT) that stores Name, Phone Number, email, and some other stuff. However, when I select the ACF field(assigned to Client Data), it won’t show on the homepage(like I showed in the screencast).

Not sure if you get what I am trying to say? :blush: