Google Tag Manager (GTM) not working via WPCode

I discovered today that the body portion of the GTM tag does not show up in the code of my Bricks sites. I use WPCode Lite’s Header/footer function to add the two pieces of GTM code. The Header portion shows up, but the body portion doesn’t. This leads to GTM and Search Console not being able to recognize the code for verification.

An initial search lead me to this support forum post for WPcode:

The plugin author seems to think that this particular user’s problem is with the theme not using the wp_body_open function. Does Bricks use this function?

When I use the Bricks Head and Body code function, it works as expected. However, this breaks my processes and I’d prefer to continue to use WPcode for this.

Has anyone else had this problem between WPcode and Bricks?

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with this problem. However, the Google Search Console should be connected via the DNS record, as this is best practice and therefore more stable - than using the body code