Global Elements | Use containers + unlink global

Global elements right now are single elements and not containers/sections like Oxygen allows.

They also don’t allow you to disconnect an instance of them.

I’d love to see both of these implemented as right now global elements are quite limited


Hey @Deanphillips great mind thinks alike, I did submit a suggestion on the ideas board to be able to unlink a global element/template (in my case, similar to Elementor). It hasn’t been published yet to vote on but it does take a small time to do.

@timmse Can you kindly check to make sure I actually did submit it and it wasn’t just a dream :rofl:

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Hi Dean & Michael,

it is already on the idea board?

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I see that, but am I missing something or can you not do sections/container based global elements?

What exactly do you mean by container/section based global elements? Can you perhaps explain this with an example? Just to make sure we are not talking past each other :slight_smile:

Sure thing! Just recorded a loom :smiley:


You can save them as templates and reuse them on multiple pages etc.

For example, create a section or container once you have styled it added elements inside, etc. it then save it as a section template (right-click over the section > save as template). This can be re-used on pages. I am not sure by looking at the video if anything else is missing (function-wise).

The issue we face at the moment is, if you decide to use that template anywhere else on the site then all changes are applied to all copies of that template.

Oh strange, I’m unable to get “section” templates to be linked to other places on the site (long video on this here)

For example: Create a section template, and drop it in somewhere, the content is editable and any changes you make (other than classes) aren’t synced to elsewhere you dropped the template in.

Of course if you edit the template itself and drop that in, the new changes are reflected when you drop it in again, but once again aren’t reflected in anywhere you dropped it in previously, because it’s not a reusable section/part.

How can we create a section/group of elements that’s changes can be changed one place and updated elsewhere? (Like global elements but for entire sections)

Hey Dean,

You can save a “section” as a template and reuse it wherever you like with the “save as template” option you’ve mentioned in your video.

You can use templates in two different ways:

  1. You can insert your saved template within the template element, behaving like a “global section”. This means, if you change something at the template, it will update everywhere when it is inserted with the template element.

  1. You can insert the template independently by clicking the template icon in the upper right and choosing insert template. This way, the template gets inserted directly as individual elements. So changing the template (in Bricks > Templates) will not affect it.

I hope this helps!

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Ah I didn’t realise there was a difference between the two template options (folder vs sidebar). Thanks so much for your help :smiley:

You’re welcome. It took me a while at the beginning as well to find the template element and to understand what it is for :smiley:

Using the section template in templates helps, but it’s still not the best solution.

The way Oxygen works with Reusable is ideal, as the template can be used anywhere on the site as a Single, and any changes made to the template are replicated across the site.