Get field from related post, other than it's title (ie, team member photo)

I have a relationship between a post and a two team members -

A post has a relationship to a team member post type as it’s author, and another relationship field to a team member as it’s editor.

I’d like to display something like this on the front end:

Written By: [team_member_posttype_featured_image] {team_member_posttype_title}
Edited By: [team_member_posttype_featured_image] {team_member_posttype_title]}

I can get the post title returned, but I can’t grab anything else from that relationship, such as images or bio fields, etc.

Both of these are relationship fields in Metabox. I am able to get the post title data for the related field as that is the output of the Written By and Edited By relationship fields.

I am unable to find a way to reach further into those related fields (team member) and extract a different field other than the post title. I’d like to learn how to get any field from a related post dynamic data field, not just list its title and a link to the post.

Does anyone have experience doing something like this?

I use ACF, but as far as I know, you put a query (main post type), and then within that, put another query (my relationships query) from which you can get all the meta of the related post.

Can you show a screen shot

Got it. Thank you! I did this and it works, but only to one level. Were you able to go further and put a query inside the first one to get data from a related posts’ related post of another type?

I see a few posts about adding custom functions, then using the output of said function from code box or whatnot in a dynamic field. Something like that needed here?