Full Bricks Site: Blackbox Property Management

Hey Bricks community,

I wanted to share my recent web project for Blackbox Property Management. They are a property management company based out of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

The site is fully built with Bricks utilizing the following plugin stack:

  • Bricks Builder
  • Metabox (CPT and Custom fields)
  • WP Gridbuilder (Properties & Listings pages)
  • Contact forms are all Bricks elements (kept it really simple)

The site is about 90% ready. Still some mobile layout issues to take care of, but for the most part I’m extremely happy with it.

Any feedback is much appreciated!

Site Link:

I've been playing around with Bricks for many months but had never committed any projects with it until this one. Obviously there were some workflow challenges coming from Oxygen that I had to adjust to. But man, WHAT a difference in comparison to the two builders.

This is my main builder going forward. No doubt about that.

I have not optimized this site whatsoever as of yet. So I was suprised with my initial GTMetrtix.

Site Screenshot:

Thanks for checking out my work! any feedback is appreciated


Wow I really like that!!

Lovely and clear. Plenty of space lets it breathe.

Only issues I see are

  • On the test property pages there is a lack of space on the left. Just needs some margin or padding.
  • I tend to use the mouse scroll button so when I scroll down the page and come to the map, the page stops scrolling and the map zooms in. That’s probably my fault though.
  • For me there is just a little too much animation, although not as distracting as many. I know it seems to be design flavour of the month but I find it distracting as it takes my eye away from the text and I lose track.


Nice looking site, especially for an early version of Bricks. But your mobile scores are terrible,

If you need help or want scores in the 90’s pm me. All my sites are 94 or higher or mobile, and every site (several hundred) all have 100 for desktop…

But like I said, very nice layout and design and nice use of plugins to fill in the gap Meta Box and WP Gridbuilder are two of my Oxygen favorites!