From GenerateBlocks to Bricks

Hello! And nice to meet you all.

This is our very first Bricks build (of many) for our digital design studio, Blureo.

We switched our site over from GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks and added a few things along the way.

We used Bricks combined with Core Framework and Perfmatters for perfomance.

Hope you like what you see! :wink:

Blureo | Unblurring your ideas


Loving it!

Itโ€™s very well done, I like this.

The colors match, itโ€™s not that complicated but itโ€™s not very simple either.

Only one issue with this, the design breaks at some resolutions, this can be fixed.

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Thank you very much for your feedback and glad you liked it! We will get to fixing this right away. (Also I think this was a result of the variation in breakpoints between GeneratePress and Bricks)