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Free Bricks Playground & Bricks 1.2 (Release Candidate 1)

Your free Bricks playground

You can now take the latest version of Bricks for a spin by creating a free account over at

The playground runs on Bricks 1.2 (Release Candidate 1). Which is the first unofficial release for the new container element.

We hope you can help us test the new container element as thoroughly as possible and share any bugs, possible improvements, etc. as a reply to this post. Or if you prefer via email (

The more detailed feedback we receive (screenshots, screencasts), the better the end result is going to be :slight_smile:

The new container element

Up until now, Bricks (version 1.1.3) was using a section, row, column approach as its layout structure. Many users quickly ran into layout limitations. So we went back to the drawing board and came up with a single element that allows you to build any layout you can imagine: THE CONTAINER ELEMENT

You can nest and align this new container element to your liking, creating virtually any layout you want. RC1 comes with CSS flex layout possibilities. We’ll include CSS grid layout options in a future release.

Although you can import “Community Templates” in your playground account, those templates are designed with the old structure and won’t be perfect when inserted. It’s best to create your playground pages from scratch.

We’d love to hear from you what you think about the new container element in the comments below. Especially any nasty bugs, possible improvements, things we missed, etc.

Migrating existing data to the new container layout

Exisiting Bricks sites can use the built-in migrator to automatically transform their Bricks data to the new container structure. I will provide more details on how that works once we get close to the 1.2 release date. As the new layout is much more flexible and fluid, you might have to do some manual adjustments after migrating your data. It really depends on your individual layout.

Changes in Bricks 1.2 RC1

  • New “Container” element (no more sections, rows, or columns)
  • Separate structure panel (toggleable and located on the right-hand side)
  • Visually resize the height & width of any container right on the canvas
  • Add elements to the canvas with one click
  • In-builder canvas reload

Those are the most obvious and visible changes. There are much more, especially in terms of bug fixes reported in Bricks 1.1.3. We’ll provide a full list with the official 1.2 release.

An intro to the free playground & the new container element

I hope you are having a great time with the new container element. Please join the discussion around it in the comments below.

Happy testing,
Thomas & team